Since 1999 IPE Quest has been connecting Asset Owners with
Asset Managers globally within all asset classes and regions


Bespoke service free to all sizes and types of asset owner - anonymity guaranteed

Easily compare up-to-date asset manager performance and key data

Identify managers from an extensive database of over 1,800, including boutiques and IPE Top 500 Asset Managers

Over 1,500 tenders placed since 1999 covering all asset classes and sizes

Questionnaire templates available or customize your own

Use for RFI/RFP (Search) and pre-RFI (Discovery) to:

create a long-list of asset managers

review your appointed manager(s)

identify a back-up manager

research new asset classes and innovative opportunities

use in conjunction with other search methods to broaden an existing list


Keep informed of all new asset owner tenders across all asset classes and regions with IPE Quest email alerts by registering free of charge

Tender for new business on a level playing field

Opportunity to promote your company to key asset owner decision makers

Facilitate questions and answers between asset managers and asset owners for live Searches and Discoveries

21-year track record of working with asset managers of all types and sizes within all asset classes and regions

Reply to tenders with an easy to use online application form

Upload supplementary documents to support your online tender submission

Confidential: - no information shared with third parties


A request for information (RFI) / request for proposal (RFP) tool that enables asset owners to place mandates for asset managers. Typically, asset owners use this tool to create a questionnaire resulting in detailed data provided by a long list of relevant asset managers in an easily comparable format.  The service is free to asset owners who can remain anonymous throughout. Managers pay a small fee to respond.


A pre-RFI tool that enables asset owners to carry out preliminary searches for asset managers active in a given asset class and region. Typically, asset owners use this tool to research a new or existing asset class, for example, to present to their investment committee and board. The service is free to asset owners who can remain anonymous throughout the process. Managers pay a small fee to respond.


“Asset owner” includes anyone appointing an asset manager, whether internally or externally, to manage any part of its assets, such as:

Pension funds

Corporate treasury departments

Insurance companies

Sovereign wealth funds

Central bank

Foundations / Charities / Endowments

Investment banks


Family offices

Private banks

Consultants / advisors

Other institutional investors


“Asset manager” refers to the management of investments on behalf of asset owners, such as:

Traditional Asset Managers

Real Estate Investment Manager

Alternative managers

Boutique managers

Investment banks

Multi managers

Hedge Funds


SRI/ESG Managers

AI managers

Placement agents

Third-party marketers


For an interactive demo or to request more information please contact
Jayna Vishram Director of IPE Quest E-mail Tel: +44 (0) 20 3465 9330