What is IPE Quest?


IPE Quest's pre-RFI tool enables institutional asset owners to carry out a preliminary search for managers active in an asset class or region. Typically asset owners use this tool to research an asset class they are looking at for the first time, to present to their investment committee and board. The tool is free for use for asset owners who remain anonymous throughout. Managers pay a small pay-to-play fee to respond.

How does IPE Quest work?

Search facility

IPE Quest enables institutional asset owners to search for asset managers by placing their criteria via either a Discovery (pre-RFI) or a Search (RFI / RFP).


The asset owner can request to remain anonymous throughout the process.


Some key information for each search can be viewed openly, but only registered users can access the system to view full details of the search.

If you are an asset owner

1. Register

To place a search on the system, you must first register on the site. Once your details have been processed, you can start using IPE Quest to place searches.

2. Create a Questionnaire

You can then edit our questionnaire template to suit the specific requirements of your search or you can create a new questionnaire from scratch.

3. Your live searches and responses

Searches are usually live for two weeks (one week for a Discovery) although you have the final say over the duration. IPE Quest collects and compiles the responses in Microsoft Excel which, together with any attachments from the managers, will be sent to you via a secured method. You can then use the data to compare managers and approach individual asset managers of interest at your discretion.


If you are an asset manager

1. Register

To be able to view and respond to searches, you must register on the site. Once your details have been processed you will be notified by email each time a new Discovery or Search is placed.

2. Respond

To respond to a search you will need two credits and to respond to a Discovery you will need one credit. Credits can be purchased online.

3. Timeline

You will usually have two weeks to respond to a search and one week to respond to a Discovery.

4. Process

Unsuccessful managers are informed when the shortlist has been drawn up. IPE Quest contacts the investor to obtain summary feedback for unsuccessful managers and also sends them an analysis showing the range of numerical responses received.


If you are an investment consultant

Investment consultants can also use IPE Quest to place searches on behalf of their clients once they have confirmed the identity of the investor to IPE Quest. The investor will remain anonymous as above.